13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining, Banawe

Braving the traffic from south and going all the way to Banawe, Quezon City is not an easy task for me to but for the love of delicious food, of course I had to endure the downsides of traveling long for my next gastronomic adventure. And boy, was the feast worth it! I got the chance to visit 13 Ubay St. on a sponsored invite. It is a family-owned restaurant which was named after its address. They (family members) kept it named like that mainly because they wanted to establish the rich history of their ancestral house, and for it to create a name for itself. The number 13 is their grandfather’s lucky number, which also happens to be the number of his grandchildren.

Everything that they serve customers in 13 Ubay St. is home made by no less than one of the resto owners, Chef Zaza Sarmiento. The dishes that she preps up are their own family recipes, which have been passed on from one generation to another. They serve a variety of comfort food choices ranging from international dishes to local ones, with some of these recipes inspired by their own travels.

For starters, we were served their raspberry and cheese salad. I would have to say that I definitely enjoyed this one even if I am not really fond of salads. I was delighted with the refreshing combination of the fresh greens, herbed cheeses, and the sweet and tangy flavors of the raspberry.

Their take on their thin crust bacon cheese pizza is just truly unique and appetizing. They actually make their own bacon here at 13 Ubay St. The generous serving of crispy bacon bits was spread out onto a bed of melted cheese. What made it even better is the egg placed on the middle of it.

Now let me rave about how the resto’s twice-cooked ribs is remarkable for me. This tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs is seasoned nicely up to its core. The kimchi that came along with it was too salty though, IMO.

Prior to 13 Ubay’s St.’s launch of their new lineup of Filipino dishes on their menu, I had a sneak preview tasting of their binagoongan dish. This is definitely my fave pick from all their food choices. The juiciness of the meat was complemented very well by the sweet and not-so-salty flavors of the fermented fish paste, or bagoong. It was so good that I ate more than I think I should. Do visit this place to order their binagoongan dish and try it for yourself.

Kare-kare is actually one of my favorite local dishes, but the resto’s version isn’t exactly that of my preference. It has this oily sauce that made it all the more fatty for me. I was hoping that the meat used was somewhat leaner, with a nice and thick sweet peanut-ty sauce to it, but alas, I was a bit disappointed with this one.

As for the desserts, we were served two varieties of their ube sweets -the piaya one and the cheesecake flavored ube. The piaya could have been better if the sandwich was made thin and crispy, while I find the cheesecake one a little less dense. The purple yam is already wonderful on its own already so I just enjoyed eating it.

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