22 Prime – Discovery Suites, Ortigas

22 Prime was one of the few restaurants I’ve yet to visit in the Ortigas area, where my home and work are located. I finally got to tick it off my list when I personally arranged a meeting here with our Zonta members.

I’ve had lots of expectations with 22 Prime being it fine dining and inside a hotel. This failed however at the start when our table of 12 didn’t get much attention from their staff. We had no water nor bread and menus were limited.

I gave a word to their manager, shared my disappointment and they upped their service after that. Damage has been made, initial bad impressions already happened.

Anyway, I personally had their Reuben Sandwich, a light choice for an entree. It had thin layers of tender meat and cheese, its bread buttery and topped by sauerkraut for a welcome contrasting taste.

I also had vegetables for my appetizer as I was unbelievably hungrier than usual. Sadly these sides fell bellow expectation for its lack of seasoning. I also found both greasy.

My fellow companions did enjoy what they had, and I took shots of some of their picks. Some of them ordered steaks, 22 Prime’s pride and joy.

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