25 Mushroom Kitchen, Alabang

After an outreach at nearby Haven for Children, my U! Happy Events team and I sought for some grub. We ended up here at Molito Strip, a commercial complex filled with restaurants offering various cuisines. Most of their food establishments can only be found here. One of them is 25 Mushrooms.

25 Mushrooms is a cooking studio elsewhere and somehow here they display their craft. The cuisine is undefined and its menu likely to change once in awhile given the nature of their group. And yes, no mushrooms here!

On this trip we got light dinner and enjoyed their Stuffed Aligue Paella. Their Spanish rendition was rich in flavor and its rice cooked just right. We also appreciated it for its ample toppings of shrimps, squid and tahong.

The Half Roast Chicken, however, lacked in complex taste as it delivered no excitement to our palate. The meat despite being tender, lacked seasoning.

For our dessert, it gave us a welcome sugary boost. 25 Mushrooms’ Chocolate Lava Cake with Ube Ice Cream was one of the best of its kind I had in awhile. It delivered a legitimate lava like experience from its super moist cake.

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