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They claim to have been in Bonifacio High Street for 5 years before moving here at Forbestown strip near Burgos Circle. I’ve never stepped in their doors then but am glad I did recently during a sponsored invite. The interiors were brighter, more feminine and inviting, a must go for relax dining while reading a book, studying or working. Seconds believe it or not is specifically designed this branch for women.

They have two floors, the ground offering comfort food matched with a long list of caffeine choices and sweets. The upper area host Bitters, a bar where you can even curate your own alcohol concoction.

So me together with other media got to indulge on a small feast here. It was a unique set involving different cuisines and inspirations. They still have the old favorites like Bacon Chicharon if you missed that from their old home. The first one we had was Summer Roasted Squash Salad. It was refreshing dose of multi colored crisp greens like arugula, lettuce, cauliflower and shaved zucchini and these blended well with soft roasted tasty pumpkin and parmesan cheese.

Why go for Wings when you can could have Pops. Their Chicken Buffalo Lollipops were wonderfully cereal crusted and it came with creamy cauliflower blue cheese puree for a nice contrasting flavor.

My favorite one they sent our way was their Bacon Juicy Lucy. It’s a unbelievable juicy burger with explosive taste of salty melted american cheese and sweet candied bacon. It could be one of the best burgers I’ve had. And am not kidding!

For some Filipino love, they have here Red Snapper Sinigang. It’s your upscale Filipino favorite without much drowning soup. It has roasted maya maya, mixed with eggplants, tomatoes, red onions and bok choy with a tangy sour miso tamarind. It’s perfect for pescatarians and for you, if you are going for something healthier.

Seconds also served one of their best sellers, Roast Chicken Vin Blanc and Spaghetti Vongole. Too bad and too sad now I wasn’t able to try them. I was too busy taking food shots!

For dessert and for a truly sweet ending, I adored their Cake with Strawberry. It was rich yet smooth. It was filling but not too sugary. It melts too fast in your mouth but its taste stays too long.

Lastly, I’d like to recommend their coffee. El Union Coffee specifically crafted one for them and you have to try it. This brand is one of my top picks after bumping into them twice in two separate events. No need to travel far to experience good local coffee, they have it here at Seconds.

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