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If you happen to be a foodie and have been looking for new dining places to explore, then Marikina should be on your list for go-to eats. This city has transformed from one that used to be so quiet and laidback, to one that’s buzzing with people who regularly come by to visit one restaurant after another. In spite of the booming number of restaurants in this place, the rich culture in Marikina remains the same and I would have to say that this place is worth the visit.

There’s this food strip in Marikina which you might have already heard about. It is called Lilac, which is comprised of  restaurants offering new food concepts to their customers. One of the most interesting restaurants here is 75 Lilac. They serve mostly Filipino cuisine and a fusion of other international dishes. For 75 Lilac, it is such a challenge for them to stand out against other restaurants in the area,  especially since there is already a tough competition among restaurants that have already popularized a number of Filipino dishes.

I had the privilege of visiting 75 Lilac for a food review on a sponsored invite and I got to indulge on their bestsellers, as well as other dishes that they soon plan to add up on their menu. I, together with other foodie bloggers, were able to enjoy and savor the flavors of 16 dishes that were served before us, with majority of these dishes worthy of our thumbs up.

One of the offerings from 75 Lilac that would appeal to the Filipino palate is their Chori Burger. It had this elaborate taste of longganisa, aside from the ham and egg in it. The burger gave off a nice contrast of flavors to it.

I also like their take on their truffle mushroom pasta, salted egg chicken, and their prawns cooked with aligue.

Some of my favorites from the long line up of foods that we had were their Filipino dishes that were cooked with a twist.
Their Sizzling Sinigang ala Pobre isn’t just like any other sinigang, as this one wasn’t served with the usual tamarind-infused soup. However, it still had this nice sourness to it that lingers in your mouth. If only the beef in this dish was made tender, it would have been definitely better than Locavore’s take on the classic dish. Their Crispy Kare-Kare was crunchy and well seasoned too. What makes this dish special is its thick, sweet, and savory peanut sauce. Their kare-kare is already good on its own and there’s no need to pair it with bagoong. I also liked their bagnet pakbet. I’m pretty sure that you would like it too just like I do once you get to try it. The saltiness in this dish was strikingly good. They also used fresh veggies in it.

Their strawberry-mango layered shake, 75 Lilac’s three-layered drink is just so healthy and refreshing. For desserts, we had two varieties of their ice cream cakes – their Nutella Cheesecake and their Brazo de Mercedes. They were both really sweet, but I’m just not so sure which one I prefer over the other since they’re equally good. If you get to try both of these ice cream cakes, I would like to hear what you have to say about it.

Oh, and before I forget, they also offer an eat-all-you-can promo. It’s very affordable for only Php285. At that cost, you will be able to try out a variety of 75 Lilac’s dishes.

I hoped that by reading this review alone, you are now fully convinced to visit 75 Lilac Cafe Kitchen soon. I promise, it’s all going to be worth it!


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