7Flavors, Addition Hills, San Juan City

Smorgasbords or buffets aren’t just a thing in the past, as new restaurants continue to offer meals for a good value up to this day. Back then, it was only the hotels and other posh food places that offer buffet deals and services to the few who are willing to splurge on food. There are a number of restaurants today that offer great deals to the consumers by having ‘eat-all-you-can’ promos. This is where the restaurant, 7 Flavors, comes in and partakes in this buffet fad.

7 Flavors got its name from seven types of flavors, namely, sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy, umami, and astringent. For those of you who are familiar with the comical celebrity chef, Chef Boy Logro, who isn’t only famous for his cooking style but for his funny antics as well, let it be known that he is actually a part owner of 7 Flavors restaurant in Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. You might even get to see him personally if you visit his restaurant and try out their buffet lunch or dinner. Their buffet lunch is priced at Php 399.99 per head on weekdays, while dinner costs Php 499.99. As for weekends and holidays, they serve buffet lunch and dinner at Php 599.99 per person.

What I enjoyed most from the number of food selections in their menu are their tacos. 7 Flavors has a taco station that was specifically made for dining clients who will try out and indulge in prepping up their tacos. You can build your tacos here from scratch, and get to enjoy the lip-smacking beef, together with a load of cheese, sweet and sour salsa, and garlic sauce.

Compared to other affordable buffet stops, 7 Flavors actually excel in their beef dishes. Another one of my fave picks is their beef bulgogi. The beef was tender, and the mild sweetness that you can taste from it, was a nice touch to the dish. It was perfectly paired with their tomato herb rice.

Their soups don’t get left behind either. The crab and corn soup was cooked with a generous amount of ingredients, and I’m happy that it was seasoned just right. Stuffing yourself of the sinigang na salmon sa miso will fill your heart with joy and other feelings, making you miss home and your mom’s home-cooked meals. The miso itself is the “star” of this dish, and its distinct flavor is what makes their sinigang all the more appetizing.


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