8 Cuts Burger Blends, Greenhills

8 Cuts remains one of the prized brands of The Moment Group. They currently have 9 branches of this American premium burger chain, which was born and developed here.

8 Cuts high price points are justified by its beef source. Each patty is either from an American or Australian cow’s multiple parts put together. Its end result is a packed meat with no extenders, juicy and tender. They have House blend which has short rib, brisket and rib eye; and Grass Fed blend, a mix of sirloin, round tip, flank, short plate and chuck. The charm of their burger is where it matters most, the beef and not its toppings.

On this food trip with two other bloggers, we got a pair of appetizers, milkshakes and 3 burgers distinguished from one another.

We got highly the recommended wings first, a very tasty starter with a interesting dip of blue cheese and lime. Our table also got an excuse to have ketchup and ordered criss cut fries.

For burgers, I fell in love with Hangover 2.0, a breakfast piece with sugar glazed corned beef and sunny side up. It also had potatoes, tomatoes, dijonaise, aioli and fried sage. All of these made each bite epic, a symphony of flavors bursting in one go. At Php 295 at 1/4 pound it was a superb deal given how good it was.

Four Cheese 2.0 trait was its overwhelming taste from parmesan crusted mozzarella, sharp yellow cheddar and Monterey jack merging together. This should be shared for it was so rich for one palate consumption.

Last savory burger was the Falafel, a hit with my two other friends. It’s deep fried chickpea mashed with quinoa, nut and mushrooms topped with cucumbers, pickled red onions, feta and garlic aioli. This one was most unusual and could be hit with vegetarians.

8 Cuts outdid itself with their out of the box creations from its core meat, process and artistic combinations. I foresee them staying out for the long haul as long as they continue to challenge customers adventures with food.

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