Agape, Ortigas

One of the newest additions in restaurant rich SM Megamall is Agape. They are located at the top most at the Bridgeway. This review hopes that since they are positioned in likely the least visited 5th floor, you can take time to dine with them.

They serve an array of Italian and French cuisine for savory dishes. For sweets they have a stretch of baked goods from cakes, pastries and even various breads. Agape also serves healthy options from their salad line and drinks they call remedies, a blend of fresh fruits and vegetables iced for only Php 120 each.

This sponsored trip was possible through a foodie friend, Jen Sta. Ana, also known as Sand Under My Feet. I was joined by two others for this brunch feast that ended late lunch. It was because of our endless photo shoot of their photogenic offerings. Note, not ourselves.

Our gastronomic experience started with their Spicy Prawn and Papaya Salad (Php 225). It was a good bowl of fresh greens mixed with an array of unusual vegetables normally not found in a salad. It also had garlic, carrots and green beans. It could use more dressing, spicy honey lemon vinaigrette to bring out its flavor.

The Tartine Platter (Php 425) was clearly one of their signatures. This order has four varieties namely Spinach, Salmon & Ricotta, Philly Cheese Steak, Smoked Salmon BLT and Beer Battered Fish. If the carbs in here weren’t enough yet, it also comes with crisp, warm fries. I highly suggest this platter for its price and nice mixtures of meats. It’s a perfect for group appetizer as well.

Their brick oven pizza, Sausage and Three Cheese Artisan Pizza (Php 395) was rather ordinary. Its claim of artistic is obviously wasn’t evident. Who has not had this combination yet on a dough? In fact usually it is four cheeses and they made only three.

The pastas for me were their stars. Personally, I loved the Seafood in Squid Ink Pasta (Php 265) the most even if it made my whole mouth bleed of black marks. Marie Gambasetti (Php 265) also was as appetizing with strong tasty seafood lingering in your taste buds after.

Another favorite and thankfully not of my other friends was their Corned Beef with Eggs. The slab of tender beef was salty good with its eggs and garlicky rice giving it a great balance.

Desserts came when we were too full but we gave it room anyway. Among the five ones we had only the mini lava cake was worth having. Their banner Ensaymada was a disappointment with it having too much going on one side with super cheese and the other part bland, dry and boring.

Overall the visit here was worth a whirl despite it coinciding with a four day sale. Some of its items need tweaking and overall its overall theme should be more direct and clear.

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