Ah Tee, SM Megamall

Makansutra is open and I’ve been finding myself going back here more often. My plan is to try a number of their 60 dish offering spread out into 12 stalls. Singaporean is the main thing but this food establishment also has China, Hong Kong, Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian cuisines.

Ah Tee focuses only on omelettes and savory carrot cake. In fact they only have three items in their food stall. They make it in front of you, fresh. Since they do that, I requested mine to have much lesser guilt. Less oil that is. It came out better. For me, less grease means more room for the flavor to come out.

I really enjoyed the Fried Plain Carrot Cake. The soft and well made carrot filled cubes had a good balance of seasoning and sweetness. Have a good amount of Sambal sauce with it to give spicy kick! The Oyster Pancake was fluffy on the inside with a delightful crisp on the outside. Oysters were too fresh and best mixed with its accompanying sweet spicy sauce. Do not miss both of these on your visit here, have it with plain rice like I did.

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