Ahi Hawaii, Diliman

Our first stop on our foodie trip last holiday was refreshing. It was timely that the owner was present and he made sure our experience was memorable. He accommodated us well and gave us an ample history of his restaurant and more.

Ahi Hawaii focuses on Poke Bowls. This fresh bowl is an influence of Japanese but born in the shores of Hawaii. Its basically your sushi placed in a bowl made more exciting.

Interiors does remind you of Hawaii. Inside they try to bring you to Hawaii with apt interiors, photos and surf boards. It’s homey and relaxing. When our group arrived we were also the only ones there.

We got all types. Kobe named after the Laker legend in its yellow and purple look has mainly Tuna and Tamago, Ahi has Salmon and Tuna. We also had Nani and Ika. Am not sure which one had Spam in them but that was delicious mix.

Kaomi was a favorite. It has Seared Tuna with an Asian-Carribean spice rub paired with crispy fried kangkong & mangoes, topped with parsley, drizzled with garlic mayo dressing, sesame oil and sriracha for an extra kick, on a bed of sushi rice.

Each bowl is less than Php 200 and it gives you and me a healthier pick on the go. They take time to make and surely worth the wait.

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