Ahlees, Teachers Village – Review 2

If you guys have not yet noticed, I go for good steak once in awhile. Regardless of the brand, location or ambience, I look for it when the craving hits.

I was invited by the gracious owners of Ahlee’s, a steak house in the humble yet bustling One Fifty Maginhawa Food Park in Teacher’s Village, QC. They specialize in quality grilled meats and is actually gaining a reputation as a go-to place when the craving for steak comes. This is going to be my second visit to this place as part of the food crawls that I organize.

They have quite a sophisticated menu for a booth in such a location. They boast eclectic offerings from lamb, shrimp, salads, to flatbreads that are similar to pizza. I must say they’ve kept an interesting selection.

We got to have a sampling of their bestsellers. We started with their Greek Rocket Salad (Php 160), which is actually their take on Cyma’s Roka Salata. Spot on. Fresh and crunchy greens, earthy walnuts, tangy roasted bell peppers that packs a nice chew, and the heavenly sweet-sour balsamic dressing that’s all tamed by slices of parmesan cheese. Perfect. And for its price, this salad dish is a steal. Just as good as the last time I had it.

We had their Finger Lickin’ Liam’s Inasal (Php 150), which is savory and sweet, and enveloped in a smokey flavor that’s perfect with it’s dipping sauce. It’s their take on the renowned Bacolod’s chicken inasal. A welcome and fun twist as it comes as a plate of wings.

Ahlee’s Porterhouse, as well as their T-bone, comes in 3 serving sizes. This is their T-back Steaks that are made of none other than 100% Australian Beef. The Porterhouse just look mouthwatering. It’s juicy, perfectly seasoned and is given a whole other dimension of flavor with its dipping sauce, which is made with steak drippings.

Marcus’ Tasty Belly (Php 150) is undeniably a treat. It’s tender texture which packs a delightful chew is accentuated by the flavorful fat that is bordering sweet. Tasty! The smokey flavor that it’s wrapped around in just takes home the whole experience.

For the lamb lovers, Ahlee’s is the joint you would want to visit. Their I Lamb U comes in 3 sizes as well and is made of New Zealand Lamb Chops. It has the deep, pungent flavor of lamb without the anticipated rancidness.

And what is eating steak without some sides to complement the whole experience? Get the Garlicky Potato Marbles (Php 50) for a starchy element to offset the rich meat. It’s been elevated by the sour cream powder it’s mixed in with. For a tender and mildly savory feature, have the Garlicky Shrooms (Php 50). These sides are just as good on their own.

Ahlee’s steaks really walks the talk. I did make a glowing review less than a year ago and to no surprise, Ahlee’s still delivers.

On top of all that, the owners do not actually have formal training in culinary arts. Ahlee’s was borne out of the strong love and passion for good food, being inspired by cooking shows and reading cook books. I must say their technique is a candid perspective of how food should be. Much respect to them.

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