Alan’s Grill Restaurant, Cubao

After our Art in Island tour with children, we scuffled to find a place to eat beside it. We know about awesome Italian, Bellinis. I wanted an affordable alternative for a group of 10.

Allan’s Grill is all about Filipino and like I mentioned before it is my favorite cuisine. They have hits and misses which explains a mid rating.

We ordered okay on paper. 7 dishes for a big group but failed to finish it up for their big servings for the price.

Let me share to you what’s good. All the fish we had. The Bangus Belly Sinigang is soured just right with a medley of usual vegetables complementing the generous fish. The giant grilled Bangus was prepared well and was delightful. The Pinakbet with Crispy Hito is quite unique and had bagoong (shrimp paste) goodness!

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