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Alex Cafe + Kitchen is almost a literal hole in the wall along Salcedo St. in Legaspi Village, Makati. May be a little obscure because of its facade that blends with the building, but it packs some seriously quality offerings.

With an industrial and almost minimalist vibe, Alek is definitely a spot to take a quality lunch break at or a place to get away from the crowd. It has a modest space but nothing constraining.

It’s name Alek is actually coined from the Chef’s daughter’s eldest.

Alek actually has quite a selection to offer, an array of sophisticated dishes, twists on mostly Filipino homegrown classics that are delightful surprises for a cafe of this scale.

We were served their bestsellers and new items that were just about to be put up on the menu. So read on carefully.

Two curious plates were served and they were Alek’s Famous Sinigang Fried Chicken (1pc – Php 129 | 2pcs – Php 199) and Pancit Puso ala Cavitena (Php 180).

The Pancit was prepared with well cooked noodles and tasting how we’ve grown to love it. Adding the Puso ng Saging adds a sour vibe and more mushy texture, I strongly recommend pouring all of it in. The Sinigang Fried Chicken looks like a normal fried chicken, but it was definitely a showstopper. The iconic sour-savory flavor is just all up in the chicken meat and skin. Absolutely delicious, one of the best I’ve had in awhile. Make sure to have it with their Tamarind sauce too. I can foresee this as something people will be coming back for here. This cafe should make a Sinigang Fried Chicken and the Pancit Puso ala Cavitena combo. It’s a sure fire Full-on Filipino treat together.

The Aligue Pasta with Seared Asian Shrimp (Php 289) was as savory and delightful to eat. Through the creamy and buttery sauce, the strong taste of seafood stood out. The shrimp also had a nice crunch that went really well with the consistency of the al dente pasta.

Next we had was The Sigä – Mex-Fil Pork Taco (1pc – Php 100 | 2pcs – Php 180). This Mexican staple was made Filipino with its filling full of the vibrant flavor of Sisig. It had a nice citrus and spicy kick to it too. It was definitely satisfying to say the least.

As our tummies were about to be filled, we had desserts next. My friends and I shared their endearingly named Mom’s Leche Flan. This smooth flan was not as sweet which I personally prefer. We paired this with their range of coffee choices.

As seemingly new and small it may be, Alek Cafe + Kitchen delivered on several levels. Their menu still had a lot of interesting items that I am very keen on trying soon. Who wants to join me? Why not dropping by here on a busy weekday or a more laid back Makati on the weekends as well?

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