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The Fort is a commercially dense area. For someone who works there who barely have an hour to have some lunch, he usually resorts to fast, easy yet not exactly healthy options. Eating such foods on daily basis will take a toll on you in the not so distant future. And in truth, there is a scarcity of establishments that champion wholesome eating.

At the ground floor of the F1 building facing 32nd street stands a curious establishment named Alex & Claude. It’s very easy to miss save for the bold signs at the storefront that encourages the passersby to come in for “food to go” and many other things.

Alex & Claude is your friendly neighborhood organic food market sans price points that wouldn’t break your prized wallet. What a breath of fresh air, right? This place sprung from the endearing concept of the ubiquitous marts in Europe, which sells practically about anything. In their case, they boast a curated selection of foodstuff, novelty items, and warm, home-cooked meals, all proudly made local.

If there’s one thing you should visit the store for, it’s precisely the food they serve. Alex & Claude is very much aware of the underserved customers around and their unmet needs. Thus prompting them to take upon themselves to offer healthy and affordable meals that everyone would appreciate.

From Monday to Friday, a well-prepared menu is rolled out for the steady patrons and new customers. They enjoy hefty servings of Asian cuisine, mainly Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino. On Wednesdays, they open an unlimited option for their salad bar. On Fridays, they host lunch and dinner buffets built around the same cuisine theme. Care for some coffee? Hit up their cool Nespresso booth for a long shelf of options.

We were treated to their buffet. On one side were the ingredients for a build-your-own salad, which held an impressive selection of ingredients, by the way. And on the other was the spread for entrees. We had Fish and Squid ball hot soup to start, and half plate of salad, and the entrees ready for the taking.

The selection was quite humble yet well done. We had a spread of Fried Rice, Pancit Canton, Chicken Teriyaki, Bokchoy, Chinese Lumpia, Lumpia Shanghai, Garlic Pork Spareribs, Fish Fillet, and a generous bilao of mixed sushi.

The food is some honest to goodness home cooking. My top picks are the Chicken Teriyaki, Pancit Canton, and the elusive Chinese Lumpia, which few fortunately only enjoy. I encouraged all the guests to try it because not only is it good in general, but Alex & Claude’s is particularly made it worth it. It’s vegetables brought to a silky sweetness from stir-frying, wrapped in a thin and crispy wonton wrapper. Delightful! Everybody agreed and went on to get fourth.

Looking around the store would be a journey of discoveries. Apart from the interesting organic foodstuff, there is at the storefront, there are all-natural and homemade products available. It covers skincare to stationary supplies to home cleaning products to home furnishing items. Many novelty finds worthy of a look and a purchase.

Alex & Claude pretty much is a public service precisely due to the lack of wholesome choices in the area. And their prices are on the mid-side to boot. This is great news for people working and residing around this particular area as you won’t have to stuff yourself with fast food and what not. Find organic snacks, kitchen items, as well as novelty stuff after a good lunching.


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