Alfredo’s Steaks, Tomas Morato

Before it was a busy Tomas Morato strip it is today, Luigi’s, Mario’s and Alfredo’s was one of the few restaurants here. This restaurant has stood the test of time and has been here for 44 years! The interiors are old and outdated but their steaks and other meats remain sought after.

My business partners and I had an intimate sit down here while reminiscing high school. And yes some work concerns as well. We all had our own personal carnivore picks and each one of us finished it with much satisfaction.

Gravy is their fountain of youth. It’s likely one of their gems for staying around for decades. It has a delicious lingering beefy flavor, smooth and thick. I had this for my Roast Beef Sandwich fix. The beef by the way was unbelievably juicy and tasty.

I also loved the service in this fine dining place. The waiters are not just attentive, they also give nice rapport. One of them even gave us 2 bowls of soup and salad without us asking.

The price points here are steep. It does however justifies why it is one of the Metro’s signature steak hubs.

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