Alhambra Padang Satay & Muslim Food, SM Megamall

I’ve been to this newest hawker location from Singapore by KF Seethoh countless times. Most of the stalls impressed with authentic flavors and decent portioning. The whole place creating a street vibe and even smelling like one too after you leave. Alhambra Padang Satay differs at this one disappoints the most.

The stall doesn’t have most of its products available and this is also the reason why this post has been delayed. From seven items they are just down to 2 kinds. Good thing they have satay or might as well close. I end up trying the other one too- Soto Ayam with rice.

Satay is dry on the inside and oily on the outside. The peanut sauce helps give it a boost but without it, it’s a dead piece of meat. The noodles was not that edible as it was likely half oil and half stock on its soup. The meat portions were good enough but they were served too little. To think there is paring of additional carbohydrates to it.

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