Alice Tea Salon, Ortigas

It’s a well designed, playful ambiance covering lots of space. Its look got inspiration from the popular fairy tale classic, Alice in Wonderland.

Sadly though, this place was empty tonight. And it seems they have been struggling inviting customers in. No savory bites here, as they are limited mostly to caffeine-filled beverages and some desserts, in the form of pastries and cakes.

My sister and I took a chance on their offerings, after posing all over the place with our cameras. I liked the boldness of their Caramel Amber Milk Tea, it combined the smooth feel of milk tea and the sinful charm of Frap in one drink. I highly recommend it.

For some sugary bites, their Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake won my heart, it was one of the best ones I’ve had in awhile! It was unbelievably rich and moist. Their Lemon Square, however was too sweet, making it lose the citrus touch of this popular dessert.

Alice Tea Salon’s tea selections are quite a stretch. They serve it both bare and with add ons; iced, blended or warm.

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