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I am so happy having visited Amici restaurant in Greenhills just recently. This Italian place continues to grow and I can say that they are one tough competition in the food business. They have recently went on an upgrade, having a new lineup of dishes on their menu, as curated by their young executive chef, Paolo Moran. In an interview (of which I went to and attended by the media), Chef Paolo mentioned that in order for him to learn from the best, he even took a trip to Italy to further improve on his culinary skills.

As for the additions in their menu, they now have listed three new pasta creations, a new burger variety, and a new pizza flavor.

What I loved most from the food that I tried from Amici was their Italian burger. It’s beef pattie has sausage in it, and the burger has fried onion rings, tomato, lettuce, and cheese, sandwiched between golden, buttery brioche buns. The burger was really tasty, thanks to their addition of Italian spices in it. It was so good that I instantly went back to Amici after a month just to have this burger all over again.

As for more Italian sausage goodness, I suggest that you try their spicy Italian sausage pizza. I just love the combination of ingredients in this one. Aside from the generous serving of spicy meat on it, it also had bittersweet tasting caramelized onions, as well as aged cheese from Asiago and Manchego. It comes with a small container of honey, and I suggest that you put just the right amount of honey onto the pizza to appreciate the contrast of flavors that you’ll have a taste of.

As for their pastas, I took so much delight in their pasta Nero. To be honest, it’s difficult to perfect this dish, and I’m saying this from experience. I can say that Amici made a great job in coming up with an umami tasting, creamy pasta. Forget the part where your teeth gets stained with black ink. It was just all worth it.

Amici also came up with a unique pasta dish, which is their bacon and gnocchi. It’s made up of potatoes, shaped into pillows. It was somewhat heavy and filling, and it’s smart of their chef or whoever is behind the idea of adding salty bacon crisps into this dish. They also added in two types of cheese and basil in it.

The third pasta dish that we got to try was their Seafood Diablo. Chef Paolo sautéed the pasta on chili oil and flakes and mixed in the wonders of the sea, namely the clams and scallops on rich tomato sauce. I am salivating as of writing this. Yuuuum.

To finish off the whole course with something cool and sweet, we were served with our choice of ice cream from the nearby Cara Mia. I had their buttersweet matcha and dark chocolate flavored ice cream.

What a day it has been! It was one hell of a good dining adventure down to my dream food journey, having a taste of Italy!

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