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The more invites I have to try out different restaurants, the more I get to realize what makes one’s food really stand out. It’s passion. And I sensed so much of this with Mr. Philip Moran, Amici’s Chief Operating Officer. Our lengthy chat over a lunch feast was a learning experience. He had so much to share on victories and mistakes. This was complemented with an overflow of future plans for the brand. I can’t wait to see them soar further after being around for 10 solid years.

Speaking of a decade in the industry, Amici recently came out with an enticing promotion. Their Celebration Meals Set combines their new and classic favorites, available for groups of 5 or 10 at an affordable price. This new campaign is for a limited time and I suggest you rushing to any of their 10 branches in the Metro soon.

This is their offer in a nutshell. Celebration Meals Set (Good for 10) for Php2,998.00 has 3 Pizzas, 2 Grande Pastas, 10 Pieces of Pollo Arrostito, 10 Pieces Italian Bread, 2 Pitchers of any Pepsi Product and 10 Scoops of legit creamy Gelato. Hear this, save as much Php1,775.00! For the 5 at Php 1,625 you have 2 Pizzas, 1 Grande Pasta, 6 Pieces of Pollo Arrostito, 5 Pieces Italian Bread, 1 Pitcher of any Pepsi Product and 5 Gelatos. What I love here is simply the choices, you can keep coming back and explore different combinations.

My favorite here was their roast chicken, a refreshing addition to boost the usual pizza and pasta flare. Philip mentions that Pollo Arrostito sales have gone up considerably and I understood right away while I was devouring it. It was tender, flavor filled even to its white meat parts.

For pasta, it was a delight to have their Linguini Prosciutto E Tartufo, an olive rich based bowl with the strong presence of well-seasoned prosciutto and truffle oil. This was a game changer from their usual pastas that we are familiar with.

For pizza, watch out for two. First is their Blue Cheese with Honey. This was a good experiment to challenge the typical flavors. This was a well-received contrast at least for me, as fermented cheese tries to cancel out its bold flavor with really sweet, sticky honey. Another one I liked was their Tutta Carne Pizza, a meat filled dough perfect for carnivore hungry ones like me.

So what are you waiting for? I suggest gathering the barkada or officemates for a party at a fraction of the usual price. Let me know how it was like for you!


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