Annabel’s, Tomas Morato

This family owned establishment has evolved through the years, having been in the same spot for 15 years now. On my recent visit here, I was a bit surprised that they already have a singer playing. Maybe that’s only for that night, not really sure.

Annabel’s also got the place filled with miniature toys and some candy treats as well. The vibe remains, it is still a cafe, colorful and vibrant. They offer full meals as well as desserts and of course, coffee.

The family was there that night and they served our table with impeccable service. They were at their feet, offering all that they could so we can have a great evening. They even sang my friend a birthday song.

This was our second stop that evening so we only had their creamy and rich Double Dutch Chocolate Cake, strong and aromatic Sumiyaki coffee and Annabel’s famous refreshing Mint Iced Tea.

Annabel’s is your neighborhood cafe stop filled with love and care. Have you heard of this place yet? If not, it’s time to visit and find out why they lasted for so long.

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