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I am an avid coffee drinker. Having it is part of my morning ritual everyday. After taking my supplements, I fix my cup of coffee and sip it while I watch the news. Despite of this, in some occasions, I still look for more caffeine dose during the day. And am glad coffee shops are aplenty wherever I go.

One of the newest coffee players just arrived, and they come from the land of the rising sun. They are aptly called Arabica, named after the known Eutophian coffee bean.

The origins of this now global brand, with branches in 26 countries, was created from this passionate principle of founder, Kenneth Shoji. “Our dream is to expand % Arabica to all over the world, so that young baristas can See the World Through Coffee.”

On my visit here a couple of days ago, I was fortunate to meet some of their important people, including their head barista from Japan. Their warm service then was impeccable, a signature trait of the Japanese.

I was also with foodie, Mary Love Siy, and together we shared stories over 4 cups of coffee and a couple of pastries. I was palpitating after, not really sure if its from caffeine overdose or sheer excitement from Arabica’s opening.

We had their most popular brew here so far, Spanish Blend in both Single Origin and their signature Blend. If you are more accustomed to sweet coffee, this is your cup as it comes with condensed milk. Arabica also serves your usual fix, like Cafe Latte and shots of Espresso.

Single Origin uses a Euthophian coffee bean, while the Blend has four of their choice beans, wonderfully combined for an interesting mix of flavors.

Not much food here, for it’s not a cafe but just your straight up coffee stop anytime. They only have croissants and cookies here, which Mary and I also had.

The lines are currently long, but that shouldn’t stop you from patiently queing with everyone else. Let me know how your sip went, message me here or meet me over another round of Arabica coffee.

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