Artesania MNL Cafe, Sikatuna Village

Artesania MNL Cafe is not your ordinary cafe. Its charms lie on the things that you can do in their place. Here, you may pick out pens you can use to color a page from a coloring book.

They also organize art workshops led by certified artists. For a minimal fee, you can already indulge yourself into the arts while enjoying your cup of coffee.

There were four of us who visited Artesania MNL Cafe, and we stayed there for a couple of hours. I had the Galaxy Latte, which happens to be the cafe’s best selling beverage.
Others had their cup of black coffee, mocha, and affogatto. I have also ordered their matcha cake with mixed berry and nuts. For someone who isn’t that fond of cakes, I find it good enough on my side.

If only I wasn’t feeling full that day, I would have also tried their other dishes as well, since this artsy place offers a variety of full meals, including pastas, pizzas, and salads.

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