Artsy Cafe, UP Village

Thanks to Zomato for another foodie invite, I had another feast for lunch at Artsy Cafe in UP Village. Actually, I had a week-long stretch of gastronomic adventures having been invited to make restaurant reviews every single day, and Artsy Cafe definitely goes into my list of top restaurant picks.

So I have already been to another branch of Artsy Cafe last year, and that one is located in Panay, Quezon City. I love that place and have raved about it too. I would have to say that although their branch here in UP Village has less colorful interiors, this place is even better than the one in Panay. The primary reason for that – FOOD!

You can tell from the amount of rice I had that day how much I loved all the entrees that they served us. I consumed more carbs than I usually have in just one sitting. Their boneless bangus belly was awesome. It was well seasoned and tantalizing to the palate. Another thing that I loved that I would choose to have over and over again is their T-bone steak, which is a hefty slab of tender, quality meat that’s so flavorful, you’d be surprised it’s at a reasonable price for only Php290. Their take on kare-kare was also good, it was appetizing enough that you no longer need bagoong to go with it. It was a combination of sweet, peanut-ty, and savory flavors.

As for their desserts, I had their chocolate heaven cake, which is heaven on a plate. This serving of moist dark chocolate cake has a bittersweet mocha flavor to it. It was just so good, you would think you’re in cloud 9 with every bite of this cake.

Another dessert from Artsy Cafe that you should also try is their cheesecake crumble. It’s uniqueness in a cup. This dessert had blueberries, cheesecake chunks, and vanilla ice cream in it. The combination of sweet and salty flavors in this one would satisfy your palate. Make sure to have it on your visit to Artsy Cafe!

Artsy Cafe had been in the food industry for quite awhile now and they remain still in the most popular food places in Quezon City. I now know why it’s a hit among its customers and I’m pretty sure you will have an idea too, once you stepped inside their restaurant.


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