Asakusa: House of Tempura, Trinoma Mall

Japanese cuisine has continued its growth in our local scene. We Filipinos have been experiencing quite a surge of different restaurants offering specific Japanese offerings. On a recent Food Crawl at Ayala’s Vertis North, I was able to indulge in Asakusa’s mouth watering Tempura.

This restaurant is named after a place in Japan which the owner frequents to. This explains why the ambiance gives a feel of authenticity. Their staff also make sure you experience dining here like no other. They were all very accommodating.

My palate had Spicy Tuna Salad first, its taste was beyond fresh, it was addictive good. It wasn’t too hot, perfect for a non spicy eater like me. This was accompanied by vegetables too, giving it a boost on nutrients, color and crisp.

Here at Asakusa, the choices for Tempura is beyond the normal. They got variety extending to oysters, scallops, squids, eggplants, among others,besides the usual prawns. These bunch of choices can be mixed with side dishes and sauce to make your type of set.

What separates them from other Tempura stops? It’s their own recipe for their batter. It’s tastier and gives you a wild kick of crunch. It’s not serve too thick, given us more ‘meat’ on every bite.

Asakusa also prides itself with other bestsellers like Sashimi, Kitayama Wagyu beef and Australian beef. This second branch is ready for you, are you up to meet them soon too?

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