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Am reviewing their newest store in Ortigas located at Garnett, Cyberscape Alpha branch. Zomato hasn’t coped up with increasing number of restaurants.

Sometimes it’s forgivable when an establishment is in its soft opening. However when it ruins your morning, I just have to write you so you’ll get better.

Ordered a dish, Salmon and Hash, Php 280 not knowing how big it was and would normally order another if it’s small. It is. In fact, it was like a kiddie meal. For its price, it had two small eggs and 6 tiny cubes of salmon and a few bell peppers and onions.

This is not the reason why they get 1.5. After waiting and following up for 30 minutes, I got an awkward dish that was greasy and jumbled up like I did prepare it myself at home. Well at least it was apt on their tag line, ‘Just like Home’ or something like that. Took two photos for you to see.

To make matters worse, they served it with fries when I specifically mentioned in two occasions that a prefer rice instead. The rice came on the corrected order but it had too much onions. That was really questionable for a pilaf. Yes they still served me the fries on the second go. It was like they were testing me if I was going to be angry. Well I kinda was.

Why I would give you another try is beyond me. But I would likely will because you’re near my home.

I appreciate the apology and the discount though.

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