B & P, Tomas Morato

My third review and my displease to their food does not change. I was scouting to other people’s view and was curious why they rate this place higher. Maybe I am designed not to love this place.

The only order that i liked this morning was their version of Fruits of the Day.  I must admit though that this is hard to screw up. At Php 90 it was a satisfying encounter with a bowl of sweet mangoes, oranges and banana. However, they could have added other colors or texture. Suggestions include green apple or sliced grapes.

The Salmon Hash and Eggs were terrible. One major pet peeve, hard egg yolk. I don’t understand why you serve an egg and get that part not runny.  It was also oily, bland and too simple for Php 280.

The Spam Rice was not a novelty but my friend had it anyway. So much for a claim on generous servings of spam. This one costs Php 165. Actual cost estimated at Php 30.

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