Backyard Kitchen + Brew

It’s a good concept. It captures the look and a fitting menu to a backyard. It also offers a variety of dishes that you’ll only see here. Most of the ingredients containing what’s popular now.

The menu contained mostly comfort food so we opted to go for some of that a bit healthy stuff. I mostly had the Chicken Sandwich which was disappointing. It’s priced at Php 330 but contained less than 100g of chicken. It’s mostly cheese that you taste in it. The avocado is very absent and did not blend well. I also don’t get so much why most of the sides are chips. I go to a restaurant and get fed by chips I can buy in 7 11. The fries that we ordered separately were unevenly cooked and too oily.

What went well were pricey Kitayama ribs at Php 440. It’s pricey but good. It’s tasty, soft and filled with flavor. Good idea with rice and egg too. The Hazelnut Beer was surprisingly delightful.

We also got Batchoy which was served in a small bowl and Kids Burger which is larger than 2 quarter pounders combined. That I didn’t get too. The burger was good though.

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