Backyard Kitchen + Brew, Ugong

Backyard built its early success by upgrading comfort food through creativity and heightened flavors. It uses new popular ingredients as well like truffle, salted egg and Sriracha. They now have 4 branches.

I enjoyed most their Duck Flakes and Sriracha Flat Bread. Even though bread wasn’t crispy as expected, its combinations of flavors very much compensated. Duck meat was really tasty and paired well with spices of Sriracha and Hoisin. To add, the wet presence of tomatoes and light ricotta made it a must have dish.

Their Roasted Belly Salpicao was delicious but could use more garlic and less tougher meat. A spicy kick could also make it even more interesting.

Chicken Sisig was a welcome addition. The original vibe is felt despite the different meat. This was achieved somehow with their generous add ons of chicharron.

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