Bacolod Chicken Inasal, Robinsons Otis

After a trip to Bahay Aruga, a halfway home for pediatric cancer patients, we went on a short journey for late lunch/ early dinner. Inasal was our common call and got this famous Bacolod version for our meal.

One however must not confuse this brand with Chicken Bacolod Inasal. Yep, it’s just the reverse name of the other. This group currently has more branches and for me, serves tastier chicken.

Besides Pecho which I always get by default, I got the affordable liver variety. It was quite interesting as it was seasoned and grilled well. The two parts actually blend well together.

To add to our Inasal feast, our group shared their novel version of Squid Sisig, classic version of Laing and their Dinuguan and Puto which most of us found very appetizing.

All of us also got a glass of Sago & Gulaman, unfortunately it was a sugar laden drink. It was so sweet I was able to make two glasses. It was disappointing given it was a hot day and we all wanted a cold, yummy one.

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