Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

It’s the fourth one in one stretch in Tagaytay-Nasugbu area. It probably started with awesome Baguio Country Club like raisin bread and their coffee beans.

The difference of this one is the much upgraded homey ambiance. It has two floors, two balconies and two sets of stairs. It’s not an ideal layout but all restaurants in Twin Lakes complicates with this set-up. For one I didn’t get to pay my overpriced Chicken Ala Kiev. Well I thought I did until 10km away from them.

Going back to the chicken. It’s a shame at Php 445. It was tasteless and oil filled meal. The serving is justifiable but what would you do with it?

We are a big group of 17. I got to try all sorts of dishes. What I really enjoyed was a bite of Chocolate Pancake. It was a thick serving with real chocolaty presence. No need for syrup on this one.

Aligue and Shrimp pasta could have been better if it had more crab taste to it and maybe bits of crab fat can heighten interest to this.

Their ribs is a steal at the same price as the Kiev. The meat was fall off the bone. The delicious barbecue taste is really integrated to the meat.

Bag of Beans general plus is serving size. Sometimes though with the amount of people that eat here, taste suffers.

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