Bagoong Club, Tomas Morato

If you are looking for new concepts and at the same time it is in a familiar area, Tomas Morato strip should be your go to place. On its side streets especially are new names trying its luck on a very competitive industry. This Filipino restaurant stop, Bagoong Club can be found at Scout Dr. Lazcano Street near Sacred Heart.

Most of its dishes thrive on bagoong (fermented alamang) and they serve these in two kinds- sweet and the spicy kind. I like how they made Binagoongan and Kare Kare more flavorful with their own version of bagoong. The meats of these two dishes were also soft and tender.

My favorite offering however would be their unique take on Ubod. It was wrapped with eggplant torta style and inside it are fresh ubod (heart of the palm) with really good thick sweet sauce. And this one is only Php 180 and can be shared up to three people.

Other savory picks that is worth having would be their Inihaw na Pusit. It was cooked just right with it not being overly chewy. It was garnished with native chili, tomatoes and onions. I also liked the sour Sinampalukan soup and the tilapia filled, Monggo.

For desserts, Calamansi Pie was ran away favorite for its lingering sour taste of the local lemon. The Maja Mais Turon was most interesting. It had gooey maja inside a lumpia wrapper. We also had Creme Brulee (Leche Flan) but this one was just ordinary.

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