Bakmi Nyonya, Buayang Bato

Pioneer Street Market in Buayang Bato, Mandaluyong takes the cake when it comes to being the most well organized food hub in the metro. It actually boasts of two important things: a large and accommodating parking space, and a well ventilated venue that spells out “c-o-m-f-o-r-t.” For me, this is the best place to have an enjoyable dining experience, being surrounded with a number of food stalls and restaurants in just one area. This food hub is definitely ahead of other food hubs such as Gastropark, Mercato, and Legazpi and Salcedo Markets.

Was there ever a time that you had Indonesian cuisine in the metro? No exaggeration to this but I think that Bakmi Nyonya’s Indonesian dishes are the best ones you can find around town. Make sure to check out Bakmi Nyonya in Pioneer Street Market if you are to visit the said food hub.

For appetizer, I had Bakmi Nyonya’s cumi rica or baby squid. I think that the lemongrass, as well as the spices used in this one, complemented well with the squid, which instantly made it my favorite. I also had their batagor, which are Indonesian fried fish dumplings. It is delicious especially when you dip it in their sweet peanut sauce. I’m pretty sure that you’ll eat a lot of this here, and you might even buy more to take home with you.

Bakmi Nyonya offers a variety of their staple noodle dish called “bakmi.” Since majority of Indonesians are Muslims, they do not eat pork. The non-Muslim Indonesians, however, can actually eat pork. At Bakmi Nyonya, they offer bakmi babi, or bakmi with pork toppings.

I enjoyed Bakmi Nyonya’s beef brisket (sapi) and chicken bakmi. They’re both heaven in a bowl. The meats are both tender, and the noodles are perfectly cooked. I enjoyed sipping the hot, flavorful soup right off the bowl, which made my whole dining experience a relaxing and unforgettable one.

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