Balai Kubo, Baclaran

Welcome to Pista Food Hall in Baclaran. It is a refreshing upgrade from your usual dining options in the area while staying at affordable price points. The area is huge, spacious, very clean and pleasant. The air conditioning here also keeps one cool and comfortable.

If you still feel rather hot and sweaty, Balai Kubo is your go to stop. They offer all your favorite cold beverages like milk tea, frappe, soda pops, ice drinks and coolers. They also serve hot if that is your thing- coffee, ice chocolate, tea and the like.

Our group was able to freshen up with their version of Halo Halo too! Whether it is summer or not, I believe this classic dessert will always have a room in our hearts.

Pista Hall also serves you buffet for a reasonable price. Here one can access all the stores all at once. 🙂

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