Balay Dako

Balay Dako is one of the must visit places now when in Tagaytay. This restaurant invites lines despite having a vast area. It has a perfect view of the Taal volcano as well.

On top of dining they sell their own delicacies including their on the spot freshly prepared Piyaya. Best one I’ve tried. It’s intensely sweet, thin and crisp. They also have a Lechon station and a modern dirty ice cream stand.

Must order is their Crispy Pata. Thanks to Chef Benjo who was also dining for this recommendation. The meat was already made perfect without its sauce. Tender, flavorful and crispy on the outside. Best Crispy Pata I’ve tried. May Pork-Ever.

Another must have is their Chicken Inasal. That was memorable to this day. (This post is 4 days late). Our group also shared so so Gising Gising. It lacked spice and somehow its coconut presence too light.

Salmon Sinigang sa Miso was bitter sour. I guess the mustasa and labanos presence made it that way. The salmon meat was limited edition too.

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