Balkan Kitchen, Legaspi Village

“What is Balkan?” That’s the first question that popped into my mind when I was invited to try out this restaurant along one of the busy streets in Makati City.

Intensive research (aka Googling) shows that the name was a former Yugoslavian state, spanning across the South Eastern European that composes multiple countries including Serbia, Slovenia, and Montenegro.

European restaurants aren’t that new. They’ve been growing in numbers over the years. Sadly, most of them aren’t that memorable as well. This is where Balkan separates itself from the pack.

The interiors are very inviting, smartly using dark colors with hints of wood and bricks on the side to create a cozy and romantic experience. I guess that’s the Yugoslavian way of dining. It was quite an intimate setting.

For the appetizer, we tried “Goulash.” It’s the classic beef stew of the Balkans served with bread. The beef chunks are so tender and meaty while it swims in a mixture of herbs, spices, macaroni and tomato sauce. This was my runaway favorite, a must have here, by all means necessary.

Next goes the main dishes:
(Tip: For a complete South-eastern European cuisine experience, try it with their Draft Beers)

Stuffed Pljeskavica is made up of ground beef with mozarella. Upon cutting it in the middle, the oozing cheese crawled like a hot lava, making it’s way outside. This is worth your time despite its strong taste. Add the french fries to complement whole beef and cheese affair.

Corned Beef and Pork Ribs, one could mistake it as “Nilaga” in the Philippines as it really looks like one. The meat is tender as expected with a mild sweet flavor inching in. All the fresh and colorful vegetables blended well with the meat giving it not just a delish treat but a healthy one too!

Balkan Lamb Chops, the twist in this dish is the mint sauce. It’s a translucent green gooey mix that made me appreciate eating this one of kind meat even more. The fatty parts of the lamb chops were so crispy and savory while the meat’s texture just right.

Lastly, to cap off our European cuisine experience, we had their classic take on Mango Crepe. It was a fine ending to carnivore filled lunch with friends.

I got these unique Yugoslavian treat at 50% off too. Quite a deal, right. Big Dish app made it possible, and you too can experience it by downloading their app. The maximum discount could be availed depending on their lean time. I suggest booking it days ahead.

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