Bambini Trust Wine Room, Sydney

My good friend Jenny is a shopper you see. While we were at Hermes just for her, their staff highly recommended Bambini as the go to place when we asked where to dine in the area. She swears that it’s worth it. And it was.

Bambini serves European food and they did this so well. They have a bar and a restaurant side separated on a hallway. We ended up with the bar/ cafe as the latter opens only for dinner. The place was packed and we knew we were in the right spot. Its customers were seemingly all locals while its wait staff from different cultures.

The menu on paper did not impress as it was a plain sheet with lots of words, no visuals and none of those appetizing descriptions. These changed when we tried a series of small plates.

Croquettes had a crispy golden brown touch with a surprisingly creamy filling inside, this one was a pleasure filled bite. I also tremendously enjoyed their version of Hummus, it was creamy and full of fresh well seasoned chick peas.

Calamari, a classic starter was their prized piece. It was bold and tasty, and fried just right. It was chewy good! Even the bread that came with a chunk of aged blue cheese was delightful, thanks to its sweet and interesting blend of fruits in it.

Bambini is the stop here in Sydney. If you are in town, I highly recommend you check them out.


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