Banana Leaf, Banawe

The frequency of my food trips has lessened particular cravings. The restaurant scheduled hopping has someone mitigated this. But today, my stomach looked for Malaysian/ Singaporean flavor. Besides not many of this type of cuisines around, so we jumped in.

True to its name, you eat in a Banana Leaf. It is a nice creative twist that someone makes you eat more as you get fascinated with a new ‘plate’.

Two of the dishes I shared with Maya were delectable and makes you miss trips to Singapore. Their Hainanise had really tasty chicken and made better with combinations of its classic three sauces. We had the lunch version of it for less than Php 200. It came with sweet lemongrass iced tea.

For almost Php 400, the Squid was bursting with flavor. A big plus is its spicy salty sauce. You gotta have this with rice, particularly the chicken flavored rice.

The vegetable dish, Noble Leaves was quite disappointing. It was drenched in oil despite my request of less of it. I also found it too bitter thus a waste of Php 200.

We should have had curry! I wonder why we forgot to have it. 😋

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