Banapple, Greenhills

The most crucial time to eat is when you are coming from a fast. Everyday we sleep and take a break to fuel ourselves. That’s why upon waking up, breakfast becomes are most important meal.

It’s almost like when you had a bad first meal, your day suffers. No thanks to Banapple for serving me unsatisfying preparations and taste on a delivery.

Warm Chicken Salad was served very sloppy. To start bread was criss-crossed so grabbing them was impossible. Have they ever heard of toaster? When the fillings are creamy, toughen the outside. And where’s the tomato I asked in the special requests?

The Pasta Verde was served dead. I grabbed a seasoned potato chip to check if there was something wrong with my palate. It was their bland pasta to blame. Absolutely waste of money. I only ate it because I was thinking of the payment and time I waited to have it.

Their famous Banapple couldn’t save them. The white cream was super thick and adds to much guilt and the base graham was to thin to support the pie. Good thing there were enough banana.

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