Banh Mi Kitchen, BGC

Bonifacio Stopover took over food needs of nearby office workers by providing a wide range of cuisines in this three floor complex with ample basement parking. In one of the entrances, a Vietnamese sandwich stalls welcomes you.

Banh Mi is making waves in the food scene. It’s served in crunchy baguette with slew of different ingredients like meat, liver pate, pickled vegetables and cilantro. I got two of the most unique ones, let me tell you more about it.

Protein Monster was an amazing bite after another. It had an intense mixture of meats with the pork barbecue standing out. It’s flavor shouts and stays with you for a long time. The ham and roast pork had their nice character as well. The crunch is real and could be heard meters away.

Korean Beef Stew on the other hand was the reverse. It’s taste was tame. It simply lacked more seasoning to stand out. I did love the handful of pickled carrots and radish on top of it.

Where to eat since it’s just a stall? Well I went to Starbucks beside it. After a bite or two they said next time they won’t allow me anymore. It’s smell does overpower their coffee. I did order a drink though.

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