Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen, BGC

I am actually quite a fan of Vietnamese cuisine. This preference started when I went to Vietnam years ago. Their identity of freshness especially in their vegetables is one of the main reasons.

Yesterday I got to try Bawai. They have two establishments here in Manila and this branch is their newest. They also have one in Nuvali and Tagaytay. I went here for a snack around early afternoon. I was actually looking for cold dessert but ended up having their warm offerings.

Che Dau was my favorite pick since am I like beans and coconut milk. This one is a must have at Php 80, it’s not too sweet as well and has a nice stick to it. Che Bap was just okay, sticky rice with corn and coconut milk. I found it too heavy.

For entree, I was not impressed with their Vietnamese sandwich, Bahn Mi. Its baguette not crunchy and too thick, its filling not too tasty and also lacked pork meat. It’s definitely pricey at Php 260.

For a drink, Tamarind Juice was a novelty with pieces of tamarind but a shake would have been more conclusively interesting taste wise.

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