B&B: Burgers and Brewskies, BGC

My first ever encounter with this brand wasn’t exactly pleasant. Today it was different as I found joy in their freshness and flavors. Welcome to Burger and Brewskies, BGC branch.

I started with savory sweet potato fries, it was not greasy and was seasoned well with their combination of secret spices. This works well with ketchup and mustard too.

Next I loved was their version of Taco Salad. It was filled with ripped plump red tomatoes and really tasty ground beef. For Php 200 this was a steal offering.

For burger, I got Chicken Salamanca for a change. It’s a spicy chicken patty combined with salsa, cheese, nacho strips and Jalapeño cream. The meat alone was alive, its other components making it even more satisfying. And I appreciate the additional crunch too.

I am glad I stopped over here today, giving them another chance. Check them out too, maybe you’ll love them just the same.

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