B&B: Burgers and Brewskies

It’s one of your gourmet burger joints that’s seemingly part of the second wave burger hype. The first one was in the early 2000. Remember when Hotshots and Brother’s Burger were competing?

Am not so much of a burger guy but it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to pinpoint a must have to miss that. B&B is a miss. I got two kinds- vegetable and beef.

Vegetable was meant to be healthy. I was surprised though when it was served deep fried. I get the part that it’s easier to hold the patty together. It’s just misleading. The curry ketchup and bread though were nice touches.

Beef Burger was beef alright. Too bad it had a lot of tendons, ligaments and other extenders. It was initially served rare then overdone. The texture was rubbery! Easily one of the worst burgers I’ve had. Am hoping though it was an isolated case.

Wait staff who took my order seemed to be under the spell when she couldn’t remember my instructions. I said it three times and still asked me again. They were simple. No aioli and onions. I had no onions on my bun but had LOTS on my rice.

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