Big D’s Smokehouse, McKinley Hill

It seems like smoked foods are becoming a trend in some restaurants lately. Smoking is the process of cooking food by exposing it to smoke from a burning wood.

Anyway, I got to try out some of the smoked dishes being served at Big D’s Smokehouse in McKinley Hill, Taguig. One should not confuse Big D with Big Daddy’s or Fat Daddy’s since they’re obviously three different restaurants and are not, in any way, affiliated with one another, although they kind of share similarities in their food.

So, I got to meet the “Big D” himself during the restaurant’s launch, and the fine gentleman passionately shared to us about his humble beginnings in the food business. As of the moment, he and his team are now operating three other branches. Just how awesome is that?

I would have to say that my mind was blown away with just how amazing their signature smoked ribs are, and I took the pleasure in eating them.This fall-off-the-bone ribs had this bold smoke flavor all over it. Big D’s also serve a spicy variety of their smoked ribs.

Another favorite of mine from their menu is their serving of nachos. This novelty appetizer is made up of wonton crisps with melted cheese and tasty pulled pork.

I also ordered Big D’s smoked beef brisket and monster taco. These two items are most memorable for me, I’d say. The beef brisket’s smoke flavor lingered in my taste buds, given that the beef was apparently smoked for 12 hours. The monster taco, on the other hand, fully satisfies, given its size (basically around nine inches) and its well-seasoned beef filling.

From the façade of Big D, you will see the inviting logo, enticing you to come on in. When you go inside, I assure you that you will be in for a BIG dining experience. Feel free to drop me a message here and share your dining adventure at Big D’s. Happy eating!


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