Bitesy & Zippsy, Karuhatan

In the bustling city of Valenzuela stands Arca Yard Food Park. It is a two-floor structure that is leaning at the back area along the McArthur Highway. It has more than 30 stalls and a bar with a barber shop. Not the conventional type of food park.

Amongst the choices that Arca Yard offers is Bitesy and Zippsy. A place known for burgers, fries, and sweet thick beverages, your usual American flare. This place gives you an upgrade in presentation and size despite its relatively low price tag.

I tried their Burger and Double Patty Cheesy Burger with its side fries paired with Choco Chip frappe. Burgers were seasoned well, not dependent of its toppings and sauces. The fries were not greasy and gave a much needed crisp. The frappe, on the other hand, I find too sweet for my liking.

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