Blackwood Bar & Grill, Highway Hills

I was here once before and was impressed. I came back last night and now looking forward to being a regular. Well just like the expats that flock the place night after night.

The menu is by far highest in the Greenfield area but well justified with their unique selections. It became a pescetarian night with two fish dishes and a salad.

All three we had were delicious. What stood out most is their Salmon and Bangus Sinigang Php 550. To create an alternative sour taste, it had fresh pineapples. It gave Sinigang an interesting twist.

Their Arugula and Feta was generous at Php 240. It had a perfect mix of bitterness from greens, saltiness from cheese and the sweet blend of their dressing.

The Tuna Sisig is a must have. Although I would request them to take out the liver on the next one. It had a really nice kick of spice.

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