BLK 513, MOA

Yogurt used to big in Manila. It was not just the ultimate substitute for ice cream, it was the dessert of choice back then. It’s obvious claim to fame was it being healthy. Was it? Is it now?

My verdict is this. It’s not. When you make a naturally bland and sour mix as sweet as ice cream you actually place more sugar to make that happen. And the toppings which include commercialized chocolates and candies, it just makes it another sweet treat.

Now is BLK 513 in the same neighborhood? Not really. They do have legitimate claims on charcoal benefits and the emphasis on natural sweeteners does make them different. And somehow the Php 185 price tag for create your own tag merits acceptable value.

I got Dark Skim with fruity granola with kiwi, strawberries and Ferrero induced chocolate syrup. The taste was nothing extraordinary. Not too sour nor sweet. A bit of grainy texture is felt. It does fill you up though and one order could be shared by two.

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