Blue Posts Boiling Crabs & Shrimps, MOA

When I went to Davao a couple of years ago, I was amazed on how prolific restaurants were in the city. In most major streets and highways, a line up of food establishments were common. Blue Post is one of the thriving spots there, serving fresh seafood mostly. They just arrived here in the Manila scene.

The concept evolves around getting your hands and mouth dirty. It starts with the staff laying out a white clean paper for you to eat in, then gloves for you and a bib over your chest.

On this lunch visit, my date and I got two of their best sellers and we proudly finish it all of it together. We got one whole serving of tasty juicy fried chicken and a bag of buttered with cajun spiced shrimps. We shared these with warm plain rice.

If only we were more and we did not come from a previous meal, we could have indulge in their crabs, tuna belly and even their Davao Native Chicken.

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