Book & Borders Cafe, Tomas Morato

Nowadays going from one restaurant to another on the same night is a norm. This is despite the first stop having entree, dessert or coffee. The options are too many and hopping simply gives the night more adventure.

So after dinner at Palm Grill, my foodie friends and I got a night cap of sweets across here. Book & Borders combines book reading and board games for your perusal while dining with them. It’s one of those must have edge to make one a destination amidst the competition along Tomas Morato. I love this provision.

This place serves savory meals like rice toppings, sandwiches and pastas. Since we had a feast elsewhere, we got two cakes and our own beverage of choice. The cakes were nothing special. In fact despite being four of us we barely consumed half of both their Chocolate Ganache and Caramel Cake. Both seemed on display for too long with its evident dry textures.

On drinks I had my doze of Hot Chocolate Peanut Butter. It was only good for few sips as it was too rich and thick. My friends did enjoy theirs- Flat White, Hot Chocolate Salted and creative full of chocolate fudge in strong coffee, Fudgi Iced Coffee.

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