Bowen 24 Cafe, BF Homes

It is indeed refreshing to discover and go to different restaurants and cafes no matter their distance. What’s more interesting for me though is when new food places get established nearby my area. I am just so happy that Bowen 24 Cafe in BF Homes, Parañaque opened just recently and they had me invited on their opening day.

It would only take me like 30 minutes to drive to Parañaque from Makati on a Sunday, or another 20 minutes if I’d be coming from home or work in Ortigas. If you, on the other hand, happen to be near President’s Avenue in BF Homes, then you’re in luck as you can drop by Bowen 24 Cafe as often as you want.

Bowen 24 Cafe got its name from one of the owner, Roxie’s, address in Australia, which happens to be in 24 Bowen Street. Roxie, together with her business partner, Allan, spearhead this vibrant coffee place that serves not only coffee, but excellent savory meals and delicious pastries as well.

They do not like to disclose what coffee beans they use in their coffee, but they call it their “secret brew,” which, in my guess is most likely African or South American in origin. Each sip of my latte was just so good that I took little sips of it just to linger on its goodness. They even promised to serve latte next time using non-fat milk.

Their grilled chicken pesto pasta was another epic offering by Bowen 24. The chicken was just super nice and can stand on its own with its lasting flavorful taste. The noodles were perfectly cooked with the pesto. Do try this one out and please get yourself their chicken wings too. They are well seasoned to the core.

An order of brownies or bread pudding would be a good addition too when you’re having a cup of coffee, while your kids play at Bowen 24 Cafe’s indoor playground.


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