Bricks and Copper, Pleasant Hills

A couple of weeks ago, I caught up with my fellow foodie and friend, Raina Cheng, of I invited her out for brunch since she just got back. She was looking for a spot that’s different bordering unusual. I picked Bricks and Copper Turkish Restaurant in Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong.

It has a hole in the wall vibe, located in a gasoline station that’s a bit rundown. Inside however, is a cozy ambience, decorated with a few elements from Turkey. To have an actual feel of being in Istanbul, they play traditional music in the background while you dine.

We kicked things off with a serving of their Ezo Gellin (Php 100) or bride soup, which was made of potatoes, carrots, red lentils, tomato sauce, chilli flakes, and dry mint. This protein-rich, hearty dish was pretty much satisfying to the palate. The only downside to it is the toughness of the pita bread that came with it.

They served their Beef Pita Doner (Php 90) next. It has cucumber, onions, and lots of tomatoes in it. This charcoal-grilled beef wrapped up in pita bread was on the dry side and it seemed they scrimped on the meat and sauce as well.

Then, we had our turn at their Iskender, which is their signature dish, a household meal in Turkey. It has beef doner slices on top of the pita bread cubes, mixed with the special skender sauce and melted butter. I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one.

Mixed reviews on their Meze Platter (Php 500) which is a variety of dips, including cacik, saksuka, spicy ezme, babakanus, and hummus. We got this together with a fluffy lavash or balloon bread, shaped like a football. The dips, on the other hand, were kinda salty, in my opinion, except for the creamy and tasty hummus.

We also ordered their Egg Pide (Php 150). This flatbread is actually their version of pizza in Turkey. Sadly, it tasted bland, and in order for me to appreciate it, I had to resort to eating them with the dips from the Meze Platter.

It was their Turkish Yoghurt Shake that we had downed to quench our thirst with. This I highly recommend. It comes with different flavors on a budget.

The highlight of our whole visit to Bricks and Copper was when we got to have a go at their Shisha! It was the apple and mint flavors that we got to try it with. Smoking it made my mouth and throat feel dry, but nevertheless, Raina and I enjoyed doing such. If you want to explore this, you only have to pay Php 250 for it.

So for those of you who are in the look out for Mediterranean cuisine in Mandaluyong, head on over to Bricks and Copper soon. Let me know how your visit turns out by posting or sharing your stories below.

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